Giuliano Giuliani was born in Ascoli Piceno on March 24, 1954. His vocation for sculpture and the choice of stone as material for his works are rooted in the imagination of his early years: in the hours spent watching his father and uncle at workin the family cave at Colle San Marco. A place that has always belonged to him: purchased a few years before the artist's birth, he was inherited by him after the dismantling of the excavation activities in the eighties. And it is there that even today Giuliani lives and works. «My first stones: the techniques I stole in the quarry - remember Giuliani - as well as the tools of the job (mallet, pitta, scratch, buciarda, whisks, chisels, hammers ...). Trying not to make my father angry "(G. Giuliani, Biography, in cat., Ferrara, 2002, page 53). It is in that place that he learns the first technical rudiments and with them the conviction that work is inextricably linked to a close confrontation with matter, to the accomplishment of fatigue, which engages mind and body, in the continuous attempt to bend to their own ideas the roughness of the stone and to explore its limits and fragility.