Giuliani in the 'diving suit' for work (ph Ignacio Maria Coccia)Curated by Luciano Marucci. As a critic of the periodicals "Juliet", "Segno", "Flash Art" and "Arte e Critica", specialized in contemporary art, public inquiries on interdisciplinary topics, reportage of European and US exhibition events, interviews with the protagonists of the Italian art scene and foreign, reviews of exhibitions. Since it seems right to me to pay attention to the visual operators of my region (the Marches) that lead rather interesting experiences, in the space given to me by this magazine of varied culture, I try to represent a mapping in a far from localistic vision. I hope thus to give them more visibility and to encourage them to proceed with commitment.

Giuliani's home-studio in Colle San Marco. Ascoli is there, far away. Here - in the paternal cavity, now abandoned - in the place of his childhood, Giuliani built his residence (almost a self-portrait), a dwelling placed in the excavation site, in an emptiness that once, perhaps, was a full house. A dwelling full of resonance and experience, in front of walls cut of stone, almost pages, irregular surfaces, engraved with signs that say geological memories of stratifications.

by Cecilia CI (Il Resto del Carlino Thursday, March 1, 2012)

A QUARRY RECEIVED as a legacy from his father and uncle. It is the theater of experiences that led him to love stone. Giuliano Giuliani, and his own name seems a reinforcement of his surname, is there in front of a block of travertine, his eyes see what others do not see: the shape in power. Those sculptures born from a Materia Madre, to which the artist entrusts his creativity, speak the language of the ancient and the contemporary, testimony of a work beaded with sweat. Human figures sketched first, single elements of the body and then the mass gradually emptied, the appearance of lacerations, until the creation of thin sheets, of works dressed in an incredible lightness.