by Cecilia CI (Il Resto del Carlino Thursday, March 1, 2012)

A QUARRY RECEIVED as a legacy from his father and uncle. It is the theater of experiences that led him to love stone. Giuliano Giuliani, and his own name seems a reinforcement of his surname, is there in front of a block of travertine, his eyes see what others do not see: the shape in power. Those sculptures born from a Materia Madre, to which the artist entrusts his creativity, speak the language of the ancient and the contemporary, testimony of a work beaded with sweat. Human figures sketched first, single elements of the body and then the mass gradually emptied, the appearance of lacerations, until the creation of thin sheets, of works dressed in an incredible lightness.
What is the password to enter the world of Giuliano sculptor?
"It's a password written in the stone, there, where since I was a child I breathed the dust, the smell of travertine.I was born with the stone and when I felt I wanted to shape the material it was natural to choose it, to recognize its incredible beauty".

When did you understand that the encounter with the stone had been fatal for you?
"When, after the Academy, I wanted to be a sculptor thinking of going to some important city and I felt I could not get away from Colle San Marco in Ascoli Piceno, from the places where I grew up. they feed my spirit, my sensibility, and my task is to make the essence of those places reborn, to say it with Rilk ".

The artistic expression for you passes through the language of a difficult subject when today the artists, very often, renounce the technique, the manuality ....
"My dialogue with travertine arises from an inevitable passion, from an unbroken sodality.In millennia its stratification generates colors and signs and therefore not only is geology, but history and archeology.It is nice to discover all this when I start working

What fascinates you about the stone? The hardness, its "inertia"?
"Its structure has granted me a use that would not have been possible with marble or other stones.Its nature, its material cooperates with the shape of the sculpture, while the marble lends the surface and the mass to the form (apart Michelangelo.) In this sense it was natural to try to dig it and make it a light fiber ".

How do you stand before the stone, with a defiant attitude or a great "alliance"?
"The important thing is to have a project, a very nice idea to realize to have the energy, the conviction that allows you to face and finish the job in the best way, then it becomes a challenge and an alliance".

What do you feel about the informal boulder, do you think Aristotelian to the power sculpture in the stone itself before becoming an act with your intervention?
"Sometimes I think it's just like that, having a quarry at my disposal allows me to choose the desired block for that particular job ad hoc Sometimes it happens to want to assign a stone to a specific job without it having the right requirements, doing so we start badly and sometimes compromise everything ".
Your artistic journey goes through various phases, always in the name of a patient technique acquired over time ...
"Today it is not easy to take possession of a manual technique to be used in art, and probably there is not much interest in doing it, I know some contemporary sculptors who move from philosophical and conceptual instances, creating very interesting and beautiful works. when they make the product realize to others.The awareness of the beauty of the universe and its loss, move my artistic and sacred work, in the hope of an aesthetic redemption ".

Some of your works are called Cuore, is it what beats in your every single job?
"The sculpture Heart is the result, like others, obtained with the intent to realize the shape of a valley, then I get involved by the unexpected, for example breakings, suggestions, to arrive at autonomous results like" Heart "that owes its title to the resemblance to an elongated heart.Then the shape is intertwined with symbols evoked by the title, so in the comparison of interpretative uncertainties, at least I hope to leave room for mystery ".

Some light leaves move like autumn leaves fallen from the trees. Why the title Dono?
"Gift is all that surrounds us and envelops, it would be enough to look at everything with wonder, with different eye and attention.Dono sculptures are an artifice, a merit to not being distracted, but they were also a corollary to the sculpture Boat for the exhibition on Matteo Ricci at the Palazzo Bonaccorsi in Macerata: gifts as exchanges of parchments, cultures and different thoughts for different civilizations ".

A beautiful woman and tree ...... metaphor of life?
"Youth sculptures in an attempt to give body to a body, perhaps with suggestions by A. Martini and others".

E'RisortoThe work "Is it risen", a form that rises harmonious upwards, a reference to the resurrection of Christ? "The" true image "of the resurrection is the" empty tomb "with the bandages placed and the folded shroud. it deals with an inner perception before an ordered absence.In the first, through the horizontal and compost-spiraling bandage, the meditation of Holy Saturday is symbolized in the darkness of the sepulcher.In the second, through the prodigiously ascending vertical bandage, the contemplation of Sunday is shown. Easter in the light of the resurrection The empty tomb also announces that which must be professed by faith in the blessedness of believing without seeing .... For this reason it is deliberately thin and essential, it is the announcement of a presence and a presence that converts. .. those bandages are impregnated with resurrection .... The asceticism to God remains difficult, the testimony of Christ ardua Giuliani, therefore, like the first Christians, takes advantage of the language of modernity to tell modernity what it does not want to hear, as it says of my work Carlo Chenis ".

In Castorano, in the province of Ascoli, there is your fountain, how does that project come about?
"It comes from the proposal of Lino Spinelli, a well-known local entrepreneur, who wanted something monumental and extravagant between the two pools, in the end we came to a compromise: it is a huge sculpture assembled with 16 blocks of travertine, like a mountain It arose from the water that invests the whole surface sculpted in forms of waves.I am grateful to Mr. Lino because he was among the first to buy me some sculptures and trust me for such a demanding job ".
And those your Flags, thin sheets that seem to be moved by the wind ....
"The shape of the" Flags is of tension and hope. It is rolled up, then curved. There was a time to erect, but the vanquished desires cured the dream and the form, the desire remains the lightness ".

Recently, one of your sculptures was acquired by the Vatican Museum, in the Church of San Pietro Martire in Ascoli there is a work of great expressive lightness and a "primitive" baptismal font. Works that arise from your desire to "tell the sacred?
"Being present at the Vatican Museums is a great honor and, as regards Ascoli, I have to thank Don Emidio Fattori who gave me the opportunity to compare myself with the realization of these two works: sacred decoration is not properly Sacred Art, but it has many characteristics: stone is sacred, artistic intent is sacred ".

If I'm not mistaken in your projects there is a workshop for young sculptors. What would you say to each of them?
"My studio, my quarry is located in a place where all the landscape and environmental constraints converge, this often coincides with the bureaucratic obstacles to be resolved and the abandonment of the project, but I do not despair. I say that each of us can spend our lives in a distracted and detached way from the world and things, or be attentive and amazed, everything depends on us, on our questions and needs ".
Is art fine or medium?
"Art is a quality of thoughts that contribute to educating ourselves towards beauty and goodness." As a boy I would have entrusted the essential answers to every form of ideal, then I sought in the art and beauty of the world and in the possibility of imitating it. , the answers and the intent to improve it ".
We leave Giuliano when he underlines that his sculptures refer to something intimate, they aim to rediscover places and thoughts as when, in a past time, "a house, a fountain, a dress was a vessel in which men tracked and preserved the human "There is something I do not know about his thought, his work. In those stories written on the stone, as answers to be delivered to eternity.



Password of my world It is a password written in the stone where I have breathed the smell of travertine since I was a child
Art It is a quality of thoughts that contribute to educating ourselves towards beauty and goodness
My land I heard dl not be able to detach from Colle San Marco, from where I introjected shapes and landscapes
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