Salvi 2016 poster The 66th edition of the International Art Exhibition / Prize "G.B. Salvi ", scheduled from 1 October to 13 November 2016 in Sassoferrato, confirms itself as an event of absolute importance in the vast national panorama of the visual arts, for the presence of great Masters, authors of consolidated experience and young emerging talents, both Italians and foreigners. The prestigious exhibition hosts, as usual, works of painting, sculpture, illustration, graphics, photography and other forms of expression.

Curated by the art historians Nunzio Giustozzi and Daniela Simoni, the exhibition is entitled "MATERIA E SEGNO - The depth of lightness" with a particularly careful look at the research conducted in the modern and contemporary age between humanism and abstraction, between nature and idea, between purism and experimentation, especially in the sculptural field.

This edition is divided into five sections located in four exhibition locations: the historical exhibition "Great sculptors of the '900: Pericle Fazzini and Edgardo Mannucci" in the Palazzo degli Scalzi; the personal of the homage artist, the Ascoli sculptor Giuliano Giuliani in the suggestive church of San Michele Arcangelo; "Grafismi", the exhibition tribute to the photographer Eriberto Guidi in the church of San Giuseppe; the artists in competition, out of competition and those invited in the "Trends of the Contemporary" section at the Palazzo della Pretura.

In the spirit and tradition of the Salvi Prize, the art of the Marche region is investigated in a perspective of internationality, reflecting particularly on the value that the roots have for the great artists that this region expresses today as in the past.

In this sense, Paradigmatic is the example of two spearheads of twentieth century sculpture Pericle Fazzini and Edgardo Mannucci: their path winds between the Marches and Rome where they met in the thirties. Both will remain tied to their land, so much so that Fazzini, referring to his Grottammare, said "I thought of sculpture with the Adriatic on him", while Mannucci, a native of Fabriano, after living long in Rome, back in recent years in his Arcevia house. If Fazzini will never give up figuration by renewing the plastic language through a new concept of energy, vitality, projection of the figure in space to radically rethink the concept of monumentality, Mannucci, while moving from Novecentist solutions will arrive at an original informal sculpture first sign and then material-gestural, dominated by the study of color, light and energy.

The exhibition proposes a dialogue between the works of the two Masters, an aspect not so far investigated by critics. Thanks to the generous availability of the heirs it will be possible to retrace a synthesis of the two creative processes through less known works and some unpublished works and masterpieces including the Self-portrait (1931), Giovane declama (1937-38), Sibilla (1947) and the sketch for the Risen Christ of the Sala Nervi (1970-75), some matrices and drawings ever exhibited with regard to Fazzini; of the vast and varied production of Mannucci some beautiful young portraits, the bronze bust of Altea (1946), the almost contemporary polychrome head of post-Cubist flavor, and then a diachronic choice of spirals, plates, circles, ideas up to transparent Idea n. 46 realized in 1986, the year of the artist's death, this exhibition wants to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary.

 Giuliano Giuliani leads his poetic, daring, inexorable challenge with the matter in the silence of his home studio in the woods of Colle San Marco, next to the amphitheater of the abandoned paternal quarry of travertine, material of election of the city of Ascoli Piceno. For Giuliani, the artistic creation is also an interior excavation and translates into ancestral forms and light surfaces that seem to vibrate in space as if the sculptor smoothing and sublimating the material could capture the essence, the soul. The depth of lightness typical of the thin surfaces of white travertine torn, undulating, enveloped will interact in a suggestive way with the rough stone, austere of the Romanesque church of San Michele Arcangelo of the Castello district, reopened to the public for the occasion.

Materia and sign are also the protagonists of the photograph of the recently deceased Fermano Eriberto Guidi, to whom the exhibition "Grafismi" is dedicated. 
Still the place at the center of the inspiration: it is in fact the landscape, in particular that of the Marche, the dominant theme in his long career, from the graphic compositions of the "square fields", based on an ordering principle of classical matrix, to the visual vertigo of a rude, wild, mysterious nature, sublime expression of the "horrid beauty" of Salvator Rosa caught in the Tuscan countryside around Volterra, through the contrast between dark tones and bright, clear areas. The lyricism of Guidi's research has had significant echoes at the national level, up to the "Life" magazine and exhibitions in many foreign countries.

The ten artists invited by the curators in the "Trends of the contemporary" section compose a significant cross-section of the art of our days through different poetics, expressive fields and stylistic figures: Ezio Bartocci (Jesi); Vivianne Bou Kheir (of Beirut but resident in Fermo); Sauro Cecchi (Falerone - FM); Monica Ferrando (Vetralla - VT); Pino Guzzonato (Vicenza); Raimondo Rossi (Urbania - PU); Luis Serrano (from Madrid but residing in Rome); Marilena Sutera (Rome); Luigi Toccacieli (Fermignano - PU) - Lei Xiaozhou (China).

In the section related to the Award will be exhibited three out-of-competition photographers (Paride Bucco, Alessandro Lacchè and Filippo Venturi), winners of the FacePhotoNews 2015, the Festival of Contemporary Photography of Sassoferrato, and thirty authors in competition (including those reported by the Academies of Fine Arts throughout Italy), with a good presence of foreigners, selected by the curators, whose works will be screened by a prestigious jury presided over by the critic and art historian Paola Ballesi.

As usual, the review will be accompanied by a rich catalog with critical texts and images of the works on display in the five sections. The volume will also include a tribute to Father Stefano Trojani, recently deceased and charismatic soul of the Salvi Prize, to which this edition of the Review is dedicated.

The event is organized annually by the Municipality of Sassoferrato with the contribution of the Marche Region and the Cassa diRisparmio di Fabriano and Cupramontana Foundation, under the patronage of the "Carlo Bo" University of Urbino and the collaboration of FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographic Associations).
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