Authoress Enrica Petrarulo
The sense of the installation of Giuliano Giuliani, which on Tuesday 15 December is presented at La Nuova Pesa as part of his personal exhibition, consists entirely of that disjunctive conjunction contained in the title: "Flags or Sleepers".
In the great hall of the gallery, placed inside a wooden structure with horizontal compartments (made by Graziano Gregori), there are some sculptures in travertine that seem to have reached the zero point of a subtraction of weight, such is their impalpability, that same felt in the sensual caress of a silky and polished fabric.

Folded on themselves, in a sleeping position, the sculpture-flags of Giuliano Giuliani rest, and their shelter seems to refer to a place without life, too similar to the architecture of a lager or a modern cemetery; or to those of a limbo, as we would still hope, hypothesizing its overcoming, its transitoriness.
No one, being more disposed to stir them up, the dormant condition of the flags alludes rather to that limb of a humanity that seems to have abdicated its own historical determination, otherwise to its transcendence. Nor is it surprising that this warning comes to us from the outskirts of an area entirely quarried, and woods, and nature, where Giuliani has always lived: by chance, but also by choice.
These places, dominantly dominated by the stone, to which it is appropriate a geological time, have encouraged the artist to create a religious perception that invades not only nature, but the world and its events. Religiousness, therefore, as a modality of experience, also in reference to the historical time that its flags are there to represent, with their dormant load of civil tension to redemption and liberation.
You who already boast so many bourgeois and worker glories, turn back into rags, and the poorest one flutters you, Pasolini wrote as a religious man and of faith: so, in the same way, Giuliani reminds us, though through the gesture and the work of art .
The exhibition is completed by a series of paintings-sculptures, and a sculpture, "Separè", with inserts in colored thread embroidery (Graziano Ricami Art Design) which, through a welding process, become a structural element of the work.
Exhibition opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.30am-1pm and 3-7pm
Until Friday 29 January 2016

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