It is with great satisfaction that we are here to send you the three invitations for the prestigious week in London for the European Project Adristorical Lands for which we have created the card of your structure and taken the photographs during the current year.
Adristorical Lands, started in 2010 with ten other Italian and 4 Eastern Italian partners all of the Adriatic, represents a tourist incentive, a cultural deepening and above all a wonderful collaboration to make known and enhance the Adriatic basin.

This Project, saw our Association Le Marche Segrete, work on the great regional heritage of the "Artist Houses and Distinguished People". We have therefore viewed the subjects, cataloged the same internally and externally in the territory, we have studied the character who has inhabited these places and finally, with the help of the well-known photographer Gianni Ummarino of Milan we have made a photographic joke for each structure. The houses that have been studied are:


1-Birthplace of Raffaello Sanzio, artist (1483-1520), Urbino;
2-Villa L'Isola, Torquato Tasso, poet, (1544-1595), Fermignano;
3-Birthplace of Gioacchino Rossini, composer (1792-1868), Pesaro;
4-Palazzo Gaetano Lapis, painter (1706-1773), Cagli;
5-Elisha Mattiacci, sculptor (1940), Cagli;
6-Paolo Icaro, artist (born in Turin in 1936, in 1994 he moved from Milan to Pesaro, where he currently lives and works)
7-Luigi Carboni, painter (1957), lives and works in Pesaro;


8 -Palazzo Maiolati Spontini, Gaspare Spontini, musician (1774-1851), Maiolati;
9 -Palazzo Beltrami, Giacomo Costantino Beltrami (Bergamo 1779-Filottrano 1855), Filottrano;
10-Edgardo Mannucci, painter (Fabriano 1904); Arcevia


11-Palazzo Giacomo Leopardi, poet (1798-1837), Recanati;
12-Loreto House, Lorenzo Lotto, painter (1480-1556), Loreto;
13-Casa Biblioteca Alberico Gentili, jurist and intellectual, (1552-1608) San Ginesio;
14-Pinacoteca Marco Moretti, Birthplace of Annibale Caro (1509 - 1562), Civitanova Alta
15-Casa Zampini, (created by Ivo Pannaggi, futurist artist, in 1925-26), Esanatoglia - Macerata *


16-Casa Osvaldo Licini, artist (1894-1958), Montevidon Corrado;
17-Palazzo Silvio Zavatti, great scholar of the North Pole - Inuit artifacts (1917-1985), Fermo;
18-Palazzo Leopardi, Fortunato Duranti, painter and collector (1787-1863), Montefortino;


19- Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi, Stefania Pignatelli, artist (1976), Ascoli Piceno;

20- Cava Giuliano Giuliani, contemporary sculptor of travertine (1954), Ascoli Piceno;

21- House of Paolo Consorti, painter (1964), San Benedetto del Tronto;

22- Palazzo Panichi (now Archaeological Museum), Giulia Panichi, painter (1889-1973), Ascoli Piceno

This attentive three-year work will end in a prestigious way, in London, with the three meetings attached.

We would be happy if you would like to take part in these beautiful events and we remain available for any information.

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