MaggioD1Open the gates of the chapels, wait for unexpected guests - even if for a short, very short time - welcome them and set them up: this exhibition means testing the sense of place and sense of time. It means trying what it meant to erect spiers and ceilings for centuries and centuries, break through domes, add beauty to beauty.
5 artists were chosen, very different from each other. For career, age, success. No one has asked, as always happens in these cases, who had already been invited. Only the sound of the word Saint Dominic made them participate, with unusual enthusiasm ...
So let's put together a large marble, a group of earthenware, a watercolor, a graphite and an oil. When an exhibition is good, it is said that "come back". There comes back together an enthusiasm that is valid for five, five different techniques, gestures that are similar. It was a successful trial; especially because we did not look for anything. We found everything ready, in every sense. And this was the meaning.
Beatrice Buscaroli

Art focuses on life. The waste is burning. It throws torches in its darkness, or very tenuous, sweet lights in the shadows. This is why art has always been part of the experience of the sacred. It is a form. And not by chance, when people fade away in what Ungaretti, citing Dante and Leopardi, called "the hope of height" and "the scare of beauty", even the experience of art survives in his simulacra, in games perhaps , in pastimes for those who would otherwise be or have no serious duties. In short, without a living, trembling experience of the sacred and its problem in the gaze given to the world, art loses importance. Perhaps also for this reason contemporary art is looking for a new home in the Churches and in the places of encounter with God. It is a movement of men, rather than of organisms and initiatives. A movement of people. The delicate, powerful and intimate attention that recent popes and saints of our time have dedicated to artists and their works has confirmed and accompanied this need. It is not about Christianizing art. There is no Christian art (how many horrors under this banal wording ...) but Christians who make art. And they do it by doing works or by hosting them. Composing or reading them. Inspire them or commission them. Christianity is not a label, nor a style. It is an event that invests the person. Those who are experts - even little ones - of friendship with Christ, the visible face of the mystery that makes all things, knows that art is one of the ways in which man focuses the invisible in life and tends to enter into relationship with the mystery. In fact, focusing on life, one can see that the Great Protagonist of existence is the mystery. The artists are the devious devotees of this protagonist. So a church like this dedicated to a saint is a place today, as for centuries, a friend of art.
Davide Rondoni


MaggioD2 MaggioD3 MaggioD4


Five artists in San Domenico

Bologna, Basilica of San Domenico

Piazza San Domenico, 13

24 May - 24 June 2011


Il Resto del Carlino Bologna 24 May 2011

PIAZZA SAN DOMENICO 21 hours: Beatrice Buscaroli will hold a conversation on Guido Reni entitled 'The divine, the player, the mysterious Guido' with music and readings. Then there will be the presentation and exhibition of the works of five contemporary artists in the chapels of San Domenico: Daniela Alfarano, Raffaela Cotini, Giuliano Giuliani, Marcello Jori, Mauro Mazzali. At 10.30 pm screening and awarding of the first competition 'La stella in fronte' for videomakers. During the evening musical performances by the instrumentalists and choir of the Chapel of San Domenico. Free admission

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