Saturday, July 15, 2006, at 18.00, in the sanctuary of St. Gabriel the Twelfth Biennale of Contemporary Sacred Art is inaugurated in the exhibition spaces of the sanctuary of San Gabriele in Isola del Gran Sasso (Te), dedicated to the theme of the Resurrection entitled Witnesses of Jesus Risen hope of the world. A methodologically different biennial. The scientific committee composed by Mariano Apa, Giuseppe Billi, Carlo Chenis, Adriano Di Bonaventura and Silvia Pegoraro, considered it appropriate to invent a polyvalent formula in languages ​​and critics in order to bring the critic closer to the artist and the artist to the topic. Many critics: Mariano Apa; Amnon Barzel; Maria Cristina Bastante; Luca Beatrice; Giuseppe Billi; Lorenzo Canova; Carlo Fabrizio Carli; Carpenter Totes; Bruno Corà; Philippe Daverio; Adriano Di Bonaventura; Alberto Fiz; Marco Gallo; Roberto Gramiccia; Pierluigi Lia; Domenico Montalto; Silvia Pegoraro; Elena Pontiggia; Mary Angela Schroth; Giandomenico Semeraro; every critic with only three artists. A different formula for overcoming the monolithism of a single curator showing how Christianity can be, languages ​​can be many even if the content must be clearly religious.

It was then the responsibility of the critics to identify the clarity of language and of the artists to offer it. The theme of the testimony of the Risen Christ presents a double aspect. It is a matter of showing Christ but of showing himself above all as witnesses. Now the resurrection does not have any witnesses while the Church must have them. We find the risen Christ in the apparitions and above all in the ascensions, true icon, after that of the cross, of his glorification. But it is precisely the moment of Ascension that requires testimony. In fact, the angels tell the apostles not to continue to look in heaven, but to go and proclaim the Gospel. The icon of the witness of the Risen Christ will then be authentic only in the face and in the works of the witnesses. The Biennial is realized by the Italian Foundation Non-profit Foundation in collaboration with the Italian Episcopal Conference, under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic and the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church, and with the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of the State, President of the Regional Council of Abruzzo.

This edition happens at the conclusion of the trilogy of biennials on the symbols of the Christological faith - the cross, the door, the light and on the Our Father who opened the series of Manifesto of the Christian faith.

The theme of the XII Biennial was indicated by the Italian Episcopal Conference and refers to the Ecclesial Convention that will take place in Verona entitled "Witnesses of the Risen Jesus, hope of the world". This theme will be interpreted in the light of the Manifesto of the Christian faith that characterize the paths of the last Biennials. In this case, the Manifesto of the XII Biennale is the evangelical pericope of the apparition of Jesus on the road to Emmaus (Lk 24, 13-35), through which the moments of the "lectio divina" are enucleatable: listening, meditation, prayer, contemplation, action, to know, love, serve, proclaim Christ.

Thus was born the Twelfth edition of the Biennial of Contemporary Sacred Art in San Gabriele - Isola del Gran Sasso (Teramo), in the popular Sanctuary which rises 400 meters in the heart of the Gran Sasso National Park.

Inside the Museo Staurós d'Arte Sacra Contemporanea, and in the wide open spaces surrounding the sanctuary of San Gabriele, from about 15 July to 1 October, about one hundred works will be concentrated, partly installations created specifically for the occasion. Through them, some of the major contemporary artists have measured themselves with the suggestive theme proposed, in order to enter into dialogue with the Church and give spiritual suggestions to visitors.

The exhibition will be articulated with works specifically created for the event with the presence of artists such as: Laura Barbarini; Antonio Biancalani; Bruno Bordoli; Paola Campidelli; Nicola Carrino; Angelo Casciello; Pietro Casentini; Bruno Ceccobelli; Sandro Chia; Marco Cingolani; Nicola Cisternino; Stefano Della Porta; Stefania Fabrizi; Gigino Falconi; Flavio Favelli; Luca Francesconi; Omar Galliani; Antonio Gatti; Gabriele Giorgi; Alessandra Giovannoni; Giuliano Giuliani; Franco Guerzoni; Franco Ionda; Jan Knap; Serena Rosaria La Scola; Carlo Lorenzetti; Giovanni Manfredini; Bruno Mangiaterra; Armando Marrocco; Luciano Massari; Giuseppe Modica; Franco Nocera; Enzo Orti; Luigi Pagano; Daniela Papadia; Claudia Peill; Michele Peri; Emilio Pian; Attilio Pierelli; Piero Pizzi Cinnamon; Carlo Previtali; Paolo Radi; Giovanni Ragusa; Gabriel Raul; Ascanio Renda; Giovanni Repossi; Ugo Riva; Fiorella Rizzo; Anila Rubicu; Giuseppe Spagnulo; Vitaly Shtanko; Giuseppe Stampone; Emidio Sturba; Oleg Supereco; Tito; Giuseppe Uncini; Valentino Vago; Laura Viliani; Franco Viola; Rudi Wach; William Xerra.

The itinerary of the XII Biennale is open-air and in the sanctuary rooms, in order to combine the works on display, both to the nature created, and to the cultural habitat. In fact, it is not a question of isolated works, but of a single set-up contextual to the environment and to the Sanctuary.

The visitor is thus involved in a succession of events and proposals in which contemporary art, the protagonist of the event, first draws attention to creation, inserting itself in the splendor of the Gran Sasso chain landscape, and then on the believer's redemptive meeting with Christ. Not therefore art as an illustration, narration of a relationship, but as a flagrant moment of that relationship with the Risen Christ.

The XII Biennale will be accompanied by a catalog published by Edizioni Staurós, edited by Carlo Chenis, with essays by various authors, among them Mariano Apa, Giuseppe Billi, Franco Giulio Brambilla, Carlo Chenis, Piero Coda, Pierluigi Lia, Sabino Palumbieri, Silvia Pegoraro, Romano Penna, Stefano Russo, as well as illustrations of the works on display, cards and registries. In the catalog the leitmotif of the "iconic lectio" on the Resurrection of Witnesses to the Risen Christ, hope of the world is particularly evident for the methodological approach and for the section cuts.

Isola Del Gran Sasso D'Italia (TE) - from 15 July to 1 October 2006

XII Biennial of Contemporary Sacred Art


The Twelfth Biennale is dedicated to the theme of the Resurrection entitled Witnesses of the Risen Jesus, hope of the world

time: 10.00am-1.00pm - 3.00pm-7.00pm (closed on Mondays)

catalog: edited by Carlo Chenis

curators: Carlo Chenis

authors: Laura Barbarini, Antonio Biancalani, Bruno Bordoli, Paola Campidelli, Nicola Carrino, Angelo Casciello, Pietro Casentini, Bruno Ceccobelli, Sandro Chia, Marco Cingolani, Nicola Cisternino, Stefano Della Porta, Stefania Fabrizi, Gigino Falconi, Flavio Favelli, Luca Francesconi , Omar Galliani, Antonio Gatti, Gabriele Giorgi, Alessandra Giovannoni, Giuliano Giuliani, Franco Guerzoni, Franco Ionda, Jan Knap, Serena Rosaria La Scola, Carlo Lorenzetti, Giovanni Manfredini, Bruno Mangiaterra, Armando Marrocco, Luciano Massari, Giuseppe Modica, Franco Nocera , Enzo Orti, Luigi Pagano, Daniela Papadia, Claudia Peill, Michele Peri, Emilio Pian, Attilio Pierelli, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Carlo Previtali, Paolo Radi, Giovanni Ragusa, Gabriel Raul, Ascanio Renda, Giovanni Repossi, Ugo Riva, Fiorella Rizzo, Anila Rubicu, Vitaly Shtanko, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Giuseppe Stampone, Emidio Sturba, Oleg Supereco, Tito, Giuseppe Uncini, Valentino Vago, Laura Viliani, Franco Viola, Rudi Wach, William Xerra Patronage: High Patronage of the President of the Republic and of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church, and with the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of the State, of the President of the Regional Council of Abruzzo genre: contemporary art, collective

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