Giuseppe Appella

I want to express a great volume
with the minimum material
Kenneth Armitage

The Roman rendezvous with Giuliano Giuliani’s works in travertine immediately draws us into a journey that might revolve around that time-tested construction material: from the Flavian amphitheater to the theater of Marcellus, from the Trevi Fountain to S. Luigi dei Francesi to the colonnade of San Pietro, all recently restored and thus clearly showing the variations in their natural coloring, from subtle nuances of yellow to milk-white to walnut. It is equally opportune to look to the artist’s relationship with the historic town center of Ascoli Piceno and to realize that, despite his long experience, nothing has

La Nuova Pesa, Center for contemporary art, Rome
Enrica Petrarulo

The gist of Giuliano Giuliani’s installation, shown at La Nuova Pesa as part of his solo exhibition, is encapsulated in the disjointed conjunction of the title, “Bandiere o dormienti” – “Flags or sleepers”. In the gallery’s main room, set within the horizontal structure of a wooden structure, are travertine sculptures that seem to have reached the zero point of subtraction of weight, the same sense of impalpability one feels in sensually stroking a silky-smooth fabric.

Giuliano Giuliani
Giuliano Giuliani was born in Ascoli Piceno, in a quarry, a Travertine quarry… The creative desire that was born in me was born, without doubt, during my childhood, and it was born out of an awareness of the abundance of beauty in human nature, and in nature in general. Another sort of awareness is that of the end of things, of loss. That, probably, is the source of religious desire, the redemption of the sacred. If beauty isn’t enough, we seek God.