Giancarlo Bassotti

(...) His plastic intimism is nourished by nature and is realized in that gray area between figuration and abstraction and tells stories of stones written with travertine. The relationship between this living stone (realized by the action of living elements such as temperature, pressure, bacterial action, with voids left) and the artist is certainly symbiotic, but also meditated comparison. From the passage of the travertine still in the body of the quarry the drive of the form and of the same content is born.

Giuliani's poetics, however, does not feed on travertine alone, but at least on the nature of its complexity, of the man who is its custodian, and above all, created in the image and likeness of the divine and thus the simulacrum of the beautiful and the sublime. While the element of nature is directly expressed in the artist's experience, man is reflected and subtended. A sort of spiritualization of nature, (...)

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