Nicola Carrino
In making contemporary art and in its evolution and transformation, sculpture in my opinion, continues to give results of persistent validity. The confrontation with the real space, through subjects and specific procedures, reinforces the unjustified expressions of the individual or private person in order to reconcile the need for a public and community language. Sculpture relates to the place, creates it and transforms it with its tactile and effective presence. Sculpture is the procedure and the surrender of the real that does not prescind from the place and finalizes it. Giuliani is a sculptor in this sense.

The object that forms is a communicative tool and mediator of the operated transformation. I have followed several interventions in some places in Lazio and in Catalonia. Giuliani, with other young artists, worked on the site. On the site the choice of materials takes place, from the place the formal indications are drawn, for the place the work is worked and defined. It is the stone the cruel and the delight of Giuliani. From the travertine of his land he has drawn strength and ability to work it. The objects that form are strong and slim at the same time. The matter is resolved at the breaking point. Giuliani enters the block, almost as if he were digging up a niche in the search for the maternal womb, that of the earth and of the stone that the sustenance. One digging hard and careful, concave and convex forms almost transparent. The shaping is to possess the matter.

Giuliani swallows the travertine it feeds on. Finally, he leaves a host to us, in order to be able to communicate with art. A limit diaphragm beyond which anything can happen and therefore suspends everything, space and time, between appearance and truth, the possibility of daring and the need to stop. Giuliani knows where to stop. His project is motivated, pursues and discovers the reasons for the intimate and the needs of matter and space. A behavior in making art that responds to the behavior of man. Thinking, safe and daring to proceed is careful and meditated.

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