Acquisitions: Giuliano Giuliani
Carlo Lorenzetti
Unusual is the place that has fueled the childish fantasy of Giuliani, the paternal Cava di travertino in Colle San Marco, and that made him, then, a solitary and passionate visitor to similar quarries around Ascoli Piceno. In travertine, in fact, are the roots of Giuliano: a matter with a noble history, an ancient subject that he works with new and different tensions and expressive intentions; a matter that evokes remote times, but which he knows how to project into the future. Giuliani's first formal thought is that of distorting the material by depriving it of its encumbrance.

Obsessive, patient is the process of dematerialization, of excavation, of emptying with which he transforms the compact and hard block into a thin sheet with modulated movements. The restlessness of doing subsides in achieving the luminous transparency of a freely modeled stone sheet. Denying the concept of solid volume, Giuliani concentrates the creative practice towards an operation of subtraction of the material, almost to capture the soul, and reaches the dimension of the surface, intended as a flexible place for reflection, reality with which to realize his idea of space: a space that lives in the articulation of its image, beyond any setting. The fatigue of the action does not stage a titanic duel, an existential drama, but turns into the plastic lightness of a membrane that cancels the gravity of a weight to investigate a poetics of lightness of the sculpture. Simple, true, not at all troubled is the way in which Giuliani tells the glimpses, the continuous fractures suffered by his "fragile" sculptures that he, with obstinate disenchantment and wisdom, recomposes with the stucco or renewal. It is a kind of challenge with which he stubbornly confronts himself. With envelopes of voids and silences, Giuliani composes his images, stretched out and curled up in plastic rhythms, developed horizontally or vertically: they are thoughts of collected spaces, unveiled feelings of arcane spirituality, shapes that allude to symbolic or literary values, so as the titles also say.

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