Lucia Spadano

The discourse of those who, like Giuliano Giuliani, expresses itself through sculpture, is not very different, since the contact that making sculpture creates with its materials is a relationship of ideas, as each material proposes different ideas and creations. The subject of Giuliani's election is travertine, which is rich in his homeland and which has always been familiar to him. In its operation the hand welcomes and accompanies the making of the form, which subtracts consistency by thinning it down to reduce the light and transparent membrane. This is how "images" are born that very often along the way have transgressed the original project, emanating from a dialogue that is between intention a priori and the mystical acceptance of the accidentality. However, whether it is a project conceived or a "seduction" due to chance, Giuliani's works are full of energy that emanate from the heart of the stone, its splinters and its fractures: impalpable realities that hold the light or they infuse the shadow, depending on how they are placed and relate to space
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